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About Infectonator 1

Infectonator is an old school take on the zombie domination genre, complete with graphics and audio to go with it. It was released by Toge Games in December 2009. This is a game in which you seek to infect as many people as you can with a virus and "zombify" them, which is a pretty simple and yet inherently enjoyable and fun concept that allows for similarly entertaining games. Infectonator is one of those games that matches that description to a t. Here are some of the key features of this game:


The game doesn't have a storyline at all to begin with, which is sort of understandable given how the game is played. Nevertheless, working in an evil genius with an agenda into the game could have taken the game to a whole new level, so that is definitely an opportunity missed. Instead, Infectonator 1 game starts off with a rudimentary tutorial which tells you all the aspects of the game, what to look out for and how to make you attacks as effective as possible.

You start off with a room full of people walking around dumbly doing nothing in particular. You can then drop your virus in there and the virus works like a bomb and infects everyone in the vicinity. All these people become zombies, and then start spreading the virus to the other people, this time to kill them. As these people die, they leave behind a hoard of gold coins that you can collect to earn money. This money then helps you to upgrade your virus and zombie capabilities and also buy some bonuses.

The upgrades consist of Lifespan, which you can use to increase the life span of your zombies so that they can infect the maximum amount of people that they can before they die, Speed, which increases the speed of your zombies, Damage Resistance, which protects the zombies against special agents who can attack the zombies, Attack, which increases the killing power of the zombies, and Infection Chance, which increases the percentage chance of a person being infected by the virus. Each of these upgrades can be increased 10 times, with each new raise being much more costly than the previous one. However, the final skill levels are only about four times the initial skill levels, which really is a bit low considering the price of some of the upgrades.

The bonuses can also be similarly bought and in some cases upgraded after every level. These bonuses include being able to increase the initial spread of the virus bomb, money collecting radius in terms of pixels, or in other words how close your cursor needs to be to a coin to be able to attract and collect it, Bomb, which basically allows you to bomb people and hence kill the required number of people to achieve your objective and lastly the ability of the virus to penetrate through walls. Of these, only the Increase in virus spread and Money collecting radius are upgradeable, while you can buy multiple bombs. The number of upgrade levels for the bonuses ranges from 3-4, and while the initial cost for a bonus is pretty high subsequent upgrade costs aren't even comparable to the upgrade costs and are really cheap.

The controls for the game are really quite simple. You click once to activate the map and then click on a particular spot to release the virus. Subsequent clicks will result in your bombs being used (provided you've bought some). To collect the coins or money, just mouse over the coins and they will be automatically collected. That is pretty much all there is to the controls.

Infectonator 1 ends when you miss too many of your objectives and/or run out of the amount of time that you've been given. The game will be a bit slow when you play it first time around as you get used to it, but even from the second time onwards the game should be much faster with each session lasting around 5 minutes at the most. The pace of the game really makes it quite fun.

Quite a lot of this game is about common sense and basic logic, but there's still enough complexity there to justify a rudimentary walkthrough. On the initial levels, all you need is speed and speed-based upgrades. Getting a couple of lifespan bars should help too, but speed needs to be your first priority. Speed is also important because you only get a total of 60 seconds to complete the game. The time starts running down in each level and only stops when you fail to reach the objective or achieve it, so speed allows you to achieve your objective faster and move on to the next level with a good amount of time left. Next, try to get the gold-collecting bonus and get 2-3 bars on the damage resistance as well. Max the gold-collecting bonus as early as you can, then focus solely on speed and damage resistance until they are maxed out, then move on to some of the other stuff like Life span, Attack etc. and raise them uniformly, bit by bit. This strategy should easily get you to 300,000 points, but you could very easily get up to 500,000 with it.

As for some tips, the most obvious one is that you should try and infect the maximum number of people that you can with your initial virus. Also, looking to get as many agents and guards as you can with that first click is also an excellent strategy. The activation click before the game starts is a bit tricky, because as soon as you activate it the time starts ticking down so you can't activate it too early, and yet if you forget about it and activate it too late you could miss a golden opportunity. Ideally you should look out for any potential situations and wait till about a second or two before they are about to occur to activate the screen. Also, be careful with double clicks, especially if you have bombs, as you could waste a bomb that way.

Infectonator is all in all a very enjoyable and yet simplistic and rudimentary game. There aren't a lot of elements to it and really no depth to the gameplay at all, but it doesn't try to masquerade as one of those games and instead it embraces its simplicity with whole-heartedness to create an easily understandable game that is enjoyable and just makes you want to go back to it and give it another try. The fact that the game is extremely fast and doesn't involve any grinding and that it really is quite simple to master but not beat completely definitely works in its favor too. Playing this game is definitely a good way to spend a half an hour to an hour.

Graphics and Audio

Unfortunately, it does look like that the developers of this game took the retro style of the game and its arcade game-like nature much too seriously while designing the game, because the graphics for this game definitely look like they belong to some game from the late 90s, not the late 2000s. Adherence to a theme is fine as long as the quality of the product is in no way lessened, but that is not the case here. The game consists of nothing but colored pixels instead of people to start with, and while the quality does improve as the game goes on and the scale of the map increases while the size of the people remains the same, the graphics are still very basic with some standard colors and backgrounds. They completely ruin the look and feel of the game and definitely detract from what is otherwise a very good game indeed.

The audio is quite similarly a major let down too. It is a very staggered old school arcade game tune that gets old really quickly and will have you searching for the mute button very soon. Pity then that there are no mute buttons available in-game so you'll have to wait for your second try to do that. The screams of the dead people and the gunshots and explosions are also very repetitive and get irritating very soon.


Apart from slipping up on the graphics and audio section, Infectonator 1 game does a very good job of being a throw-back to the old days where all we would get is a basic game concept and then would see it turned into a very basic and yet a very enjoyable game that would keep us hooked for hours on end. Infectonator won't quite hook you like most other games, but it will do the job for at least an hour and will make that hour very entertaining indeed. So, as long as you keep the mute button hand y and don't really mind stodgy, pixelated blots of colors moving about on your screen for an hour as long as you can have fun with them, then Infectonator is the game for you.

If you manage to complete infectonator 1 why not try out the second infectonator here.

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